Contrast water

Sant Maurici, Ratera and Amitges lakes, Noguera Pallaresa river and Infern ravine.

Mainera lakes, Gento lake, Noguera de Cardós river, Negre lake or Center of Interpretation of Water in Tavascan.

Pamanoriver, Montcortés lake, Noguera de Vallferrera river, Gerber lake or Font Blanca fountain.

Torrassa reservoir, Escrita river, Naorte lake or Sant Antoni reservoir.

Wateris an essential and fundamental element to life. In Pallars, we enjoy so much of this precious natural resource that the name of our National Park, Aigüestortes means “twisted waters”. A myriad of streams and waterfalls flow down from the mountains to feed the large rivers of the Noguera de Cardós, Noguera de Vallferrera and Noguera Pallaresa that run through our major valleys. These waters hide and nourish both the familiar trout as well as the frogs, among others. Pallars is also known for its crystal clear and often icy blue-green glacial lakes.

Water has always been important to Pallars. Historically, the rivers were used for transporting lumber. Today, they supply our power. But more importantly, our waters attract tourists ranging from the solitary angler to families boating on our lakes to high-octane water sports enthusiast navigating our world-class rapids.

Water, present everywhere in the Pyrenees, in rivers or lakes, frozen or thawed,silenced by the snow or running noisily, they give us colour, sound and silence.