Contrast gastronomy

The corner stone of Pallares cuisine is the locally raised and organic food from which it is made. Our livestock wander free, grazing infields during the winter and roaming the high mountains during the summer. Cow, goat and sheep yogurts and cheeses are made locally. Fruits and vegetables are grown in private gardens or purchased from the local farmers. All types of mushrooms such as morels, ceps, carreretes and truffles are gathered from the fields and woods.

The Pallares cuisine consists of recipes handed down from generation to generation. Made with products that have been consumed in homes for hundreds of years, as is the case with the local cheese. Other products which had been abandoned for centuries and now are experiencing a rebirth, such as wine which is produced near Sort on the sunny slopes that have characteristics similar to the Rhine and Mosel valleys.

Because of the first-hand knowledge and collaboration between the farmers, herdsmen and the restauranteurs and their chefs, we have a cuisine that has no equivalent in Pallars. The fact that we have the only Michelin star restaurant in the province of Lleida is a testimony to their efforts.