Contrast landscape

The National Park of Sant Maurici and Aigüestortes, The Natural Park of Alt Pirineu, Pica d’Estats, Certescan lake and Port of Salau.

El Monteixo, Montsent and Montorroio peaks. Collegats with l’Argenteria, the Montrebei gorge with colomera cave. The peaks of La Roca de l’Aguila, el Pic de la Gallina and Cap de l’Ovella.

The cable car station of Estany Gento and its lakes.

The forests of Virós, Gerdar, the "mata" of Valencia and the marsh of Escalarre.

The small plains surrounded by mountains including Pla de Boet, Pla de Boavi and Serra de Boumort.

A landscape of peaks, ridges, hills, canyons, boulders and plains. Dotted with medieval bridges, castles, watchtowers and abandoned homesteads. Villages constructed in slate and stone with fountains, troughs, and the communal wash basins, surrounded by orchards and governed by its church bells. Chapels suspended in the sky.

The valleys of Pallars are very close together but with extreme diversity among them.

Each valley is filled with a unique array of fauna and flora: edelweiss, poppy, iris, globeflower, wild spinach, thyme and lavender. An infinity of delicious mushrooms moixarrons. Eagles, vultures, wildcock, partridge, gray herons, otters and trout. Brown bear, cows,sheep and goats. Chamois, roe deer and fallow deer. Wild boar, hares,marmots and wild cats

A unique place, where you can release your stress in the solitude,silence and magnificence of the landscape.

Mountains upon mountains reaching towards the sky. Narrow valleys graced by rivers of crystal clear waters. And ancestral villages, rich with history, and full of places where it seems that time has stopped.