About us

The Pyrenees has one of the most beautiful natural environments in Catalonia, yet it is the people what makes it unique.

CONTRAST TRIP was born out of our love for the Pyrenees, of our will to know and discover our land.

CONTRAST TRIP promotes responsible, sustainable and equitable tourism. It is our aim to help you discover our land, which has remained unchanged for generations, while also introducing you to our customs, traditions, legends, craftsmanship, gastronomy, ancient architecture, areas of archeological interest and more. We know that experiencing a culture and environment through travelling is one of the greatest sources of learning. Our goal is to satisfy your curiosity!

The itineraries arranged by CONTRAST TRIP will take you to the heart of the Pyrenees. A trip to a rural world that brings back memories of the past yet clearly embracing modernity and the future.

Being natives:

  • We know the people who will feed, help and accommodate you. They are our neighbors.

  • We know the land and its history so our itineraries will give you the most diverse experiences.

  • We know why our families have lived here for centuries and, if you come with us, you will discover why too!

Enjoy this site and contact us to help you plan your next contrast trip.

Join CONTRAST TRIP, specialists in the Pyrenees.